Further Thinking Questions

This collection from Susan Wall, is a more comprehensive version of the resource 'Thinking Questions'. Each resource contains a number of open–ended questions which explore understanding and allow a variety of approaches. Each question is easily accessible but can be extended to make a more complex problem. Students are required to justify their answer and, where possible, generalise their answer. Students require problem solving skills and reasoning skills to tackle the problems; trial and error alone will not be sufficient.

Topics covered are: Indices and surds, sequences, logarithms, algebra, straight line graphs, quadratics, polynomials, circles, Trigonometrical functions and differentiation and integration.



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Indices and surds

This resource contains ten problems which require students to think, explore and explain the mathematical topic of indices and surds. The problems require students to not only be able to manipulate expressions containing indices and surds but also be able to explain and justify how conclusions are arrived at. A...


This resource contains six problems which explore arithmetic and geometric sequences. Students are asked to make observations about sequences, create a number of different sequences that all have the same sixth term, solve a question and then explore what happens if the question is altered slightly and find general...


This resource contains six problems which require deep understanding of the working of logarithms. Students are required to develop questions which give a specific answer. It is likely that each student will provide a different solution. This presents an opportunity for rich discussion as students question and...


This resource contains four problems which require students to be able to manipulate algebraic expressions, complete the square, state whether statements are true sometimes, always or never and develop questions which have specific answers.